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To promote the understanding and appreciation of Chinese traditions, history and culture, Han Wen Chinese School © (HWCS) is dedicated to providing effective learning experiences of not only Chinese language but also Chinese culture and traditions. Students will learn all different aspects of Chinese and China in a supportive and interactive environment.

HWCS is a venue where "West meets East". It is a place where American families can gather to inquire, learn and explore about the rich heritage of China, its language, tradition, history and culture as well as unlimited opportunities.

This summer we offer an 8-week fun-filled intensive Chinese learning program specially tailored for English-speaking children (age 6 - 15) and adults (age 16+). Parents are welcome to sit in class and learn with their children. We offer small classes with lots of opportunities to practice listening and speaking Chinese.

We have a team of dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic professionals.

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