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China has been experiencing rapid changes in the past 20 years. Its economy has gradually become a most dynamic part of the world's economy. It is now the fourth largest economy in the world. More and more people have become interested about this nation - the history of over 5000 years, the vast population of 1.3 billion, the three thousand mile long Great Wall, the fascinating language, the remarkable nearly 10% annual growth rate, and the many legends of ancient China and wonders of modern China.

We, a team of passionate native Chinese professionals in Kansas City, are eager to play a role in helping the local communities get to know China better. Whether you are interested in China for business, leisure travel, summer camp, study, or child adoption, we would like to help make your adventure more memorable and successful.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Traditional classroom style of Chinese language class tailored for children and adults from English-speaking families through our Han Wen Chinese School.
  • Translation services between English and Chinese.
  • Trip planning and facilitating to and from China.
  • China visa application.
  • Arranging of Summer Camps for kids from Kansas City area to China, or from China to Kansas City area.
  • Personalized short/intensive culture awareness training.
  • Private Chinese language lessons.
  • Any other services that promote the mutual understanding and binding between Chinese and American communities.

Contact us to discuss your needs, your interests, and your goals. Add a little Asian accent for your summer.

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